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Preliminary registration of legal persons
Preliminary registration of legal persons

Loading of a Java-applet "Registrator" might take 15..30 seconds - depending on the Internet connection speed. After loading and initialization of a Java-applet there will be a new window. The user can preliminary register a new client (a legal person), create and preliminary register new client's EDS keys, change the password to access the EDS key.

Registration procedure of the new client consists of two stages. The first stage is the independent preliminary registration in the Java-applet "Registrator". The second stage is the final registration after the visit to the bank.

  • Stage 1. Preliminary registration in Java-applet "Registrator" consists of a number of consecutive steps. The user should enter information about the organization, numbers of bank accounts, contact person information. Then a pair of client's EDS keys is generated. Open EDS key and all entered information are sent to the Bank Server via the protected connection. Afterwards the user enters the password and saves the secret EDS key in the EDS Key Store (in a file on the floppy). At the last step of preliminary registration the user prints out the Certificate of the open EDS key, signs it, and certifies it at the management of the organization. That's all, the first stage is completed.

  • Stage 2. For final registration the user should personally come to the bank and show the Bank Administartor the Certificate of the client's open EDS key, printed out and certified at the first stage. There is no need to bring to the bank any floppies! The Administrator will find all information entered earlier by the user to the system, verify it with a bank card. If everything is correct - the Manager will finally register the client. That's all, registration is completed.

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